Why Invisipools?

The Invisipools TM technology creates the most secure body of water in the residential pool market to date! Designed using innovative technologies and materials, the cutting edge  engineering provides an advanced level of safety for your family.
An Invisipool reduces the many disadvantages of traditional, open-air, pool ownership. While Invisipools main objective was to improve water safety, many other benefits came to light. A closed patio acts as a barrier to airborne dirt and debris, blocks the UV that continually attacks the water chemistry, decreases the evaporative rate of the pool water which all translates into a tremendous reduction in maintenance, chemicals and water usage. Less chemicals equates to a healthier swimming experience! Invisipools has proprietary innovations supported by composite engineering to provide a long term, stable solution to Pool Safety.

Our Team

The invispools team is commited to advancing innovation in today’s pool market. Through unique and unparalleled thinking, Invisipools has developed a pool system that tackles most of today’s pool safety concerns, while keeping in mind the possibility of added benefits. From the start, Invisipools main focus has been the long-term safety of the pool owners’ family and friends. In searching for the best solution to this concern, our team developed a product that uses a technologically innovative process to create a product that focuses on the tackling the liabilities of owning a traditional pool.

Next Steps...

Invisipools available now through Vantage Pools in Phoenix, AZ. Please click the link to contact us today!