Less Maintenance



The Invisipool is inherently safer than a traditional pool. When the pool is not in use and the hardscape patio surface is raised, the open water hazard is mitigated. The pool can only be accessed by operating the control panel which requires a key and pass code. Our products have been engineered with your safety in mind.

• Pool can only be accessed with both a key and pass code
• Water hazard is mitigated by hard patio surface
• Platform eliminates all suction hazards
• Multiple water depths to accommodate different age groups and swimming abilities


At Invisipools, we are concerned with the impact our products have on the world around us. Many swimming pools are costly due to excessive energy, chemical and water usage. The Invisipools system inherently reduces water loss due to evaporation, the UV is greatly reduced, minimizing the need for harmful chemicals and VFD technology results in lower energy usage. The overall result is a greener product.

• Low chemical usage
• Minimal water usage
• Reduced energy usage



With an Invisipools, you don’t have to  sacrifice space to own a pool — now you can have both! An Invisipool actually creates real estate! Rather than allocating permanent space to
a traditional swimming pool, Invisipools offers a unique alternative that combines a patio, splash deck, and a swimming pool in the same footprint! Homeowners with smaller backyards can now enjoy a swimming pool without giving up any of their outdoor entertainment space.

• Create real estate with a functional patio!
• Splash deck / fountain options
• Equipment concealed in underground vaults
• Multi-use/depth swimming pool
• Invisipools are two products in one!


Invisipools proprietary system consists of a low-pressure, telescopic, water-actuated lift platform, top-tier actuation equipment located in an underground enclosure complete with integrated flow controls. Our next-generation composite components are lightweight,  atrong, durable and corrosion resistant. Invisipools products are backed by real-world  engineering ensuring safety, reliability and longevity.

• Proprietary technology unlike anything on the market
• ICF wall construction ensuring system tolerances
• R-27+ insulated walls
• Superior waterproofing
• Next-generation composite materials that are durable and dependable
• Proprietary flow controls to maintain safety & efficiency
• Wireless remote diagnostic accessibility by licensed Invisipools technicians
• 5 Year limited warranty



The beauty of Invisipools is the inherent barrier against airborne dirt and debris from the surrounding area when the pool is not in use. This results in lower chemical usage, less need for filter cleaning and a healthier swimming experience. Invisipools save homeowners time and money.

• Barrier against dirt and debris
• Lower chemical usage
• Less need for filter cleaning
• Healthier pool environment

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