Where can I buy an Invisipool?

Invisipools can only be purchased from a licensed dealer. Vantage Pools has
been established as a licensed dealer for the State of Arizona. Please visit our
Contact Us page to register your information for future announcements of
dealers in your area.

How much does an Invisipools cost?

There are many variables associated with an Invisipools that can effect the
cost of a particular project. Past experience prove costs to be in the range of
$130,000 to $150,000. Options selected such as interior tile, coping, lighting,
swimjets, stairs/steps, water features place an Invisipool in this price range.

Can I add this to my existing in-ground pool?

No. Invisipools is only available on new pool construction due to the
tolerance and technical requirements of the poured in place pool shell.
However, homeowners can always decide to demo an existing pool to
upgrade to an Invisipool!

What type of materials can be used on the platform surface?

We tend to heavily rely on the latest advances in porcelain technology.
Certain product lines offer 1cm (pool walls & floors) 2cm (platform) and 3cm
(coping & surrounding patios). Linear drainage is required and supplied in
the cost of a system.

Options available are:
- Porcelain pavers
- IPEI Brazilian hardwood
- Granite
- Ceramic
- Natural stone
- Pavers
- Composite plank decking

What type of maintenance is required on an Invisipools?

Invisipools design is inherently maintenance free. The patio blocks any
airborne dirt and debris along with harmful UV which cause much of the
need for filtration and chemicals. This results in less chemicals and less
frequent cleaning.

Do Invisipools come in any other shapes?

Unfortunately No. We only offer rectangular shapes and the engineering
limits us to particular sizes.

What is the warranty on an Invisipools?

5 years structural warranty
2 year mfg. warranty on equipment

Where do you have licensed distributors?

Our licensed distributor, Vantage Pools, is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Can I have a SwimJet installed?

Yes! SwimJets operate magnificently on the short side of a rectangle coupled
with a single elevation depth (floor) makes this the perfect crossfit pool!

How does the system work?

Simply put, the structural platform is raised and lowered with a series of
pumps and valves located in an underground vault.